Power to the Peoples

Gotta admit this: This thing has an amazing amount of battery.  Once it’s charged, it seems to go on for days.  Well, at least compared to what I’m used to.  Typically, I can use a laptop for maybe 2-3 hours after a full charge. I’ve managed at least 6 on this.  Very, very cool.  And […]

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Utilizing Utilities

I’m slowly moving into this thing. I’ve installed “Alfred” to use as a search thingy.  It’s supposed to be as good or better than “Spotlight”.  We’ll see. I installed VMware Fusion as well.  Typically, I install it to get a Linux VM running on my Windows system.  Don’t really need that – in theory.  We’ll […]

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It’s a sharing kinda thing

I’m installing some of my normal apps (Dropbox, Evernote, etc).  I use largish passwords that are complex.  This makes it a PITA to type them in (or guess them as well, so yay for security). I had heard of this magical copy / paste thingy twixt an iPhone and your Mac (or verse-visa).  So, why […]

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