First up

This isn’t the first Mac I’ve had.  I had one back a few years ago.  It was a Mac IIci (gotta check that) and I had it when System 6 was changing to System 7.  Yup, a while ago.  I had it at the same time I had a PC (386SX).  I was working for a University and had to help people with either platform.  This was around 1990, and I had them until around ’95.

I also had one from a company I worked for.  A 2008 Macbook (aluminum).  I’m still using that one – gotta move off of it.  Not that I was really “on it” in the first place.  Mostly a test cace to see if I like it or not.  Used it for about 4 years. I’ve done some Lightroom on it as well as the normal web surfing and email.  Not much else, tho.  Upgraded the RAM to max (8G) and replaced the HDD with a hybrid (1TB) and then an SSD (240GB).  Still a very usable system.

I started searching for a used Macbook Pro (or MBP as I’ve seen others call them).  I wanted it to have Retina, maxed out RAM and a decent amount of storage.  Lots out there for between $2K and 2.5K

So I bought a used Mac from a buddy of mine.  He wanted to upgrade to the newest/latest/greatest Macbook Pro.

This is where I’m going to document some of the trials and tribulations and questions and frustrations that I am going to have.  Macs are easy-ish to use, but they’re not well documented and it seems that there’s a lot of stuff that gets passed around via word of mouth and not in manuals.

We’ll see…

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