Utilizing Utilities

I’m slowly moving into this thing.

I’ve installed “Alfred” to use as a search thingy.  It’s supposed to be as good or better than “Spotlight”.  We’ll see.

I installed VMware Fusion as well.  Typically, I install it to get a Linux VM running on my Windows system.  Don’t really need that – in theory.  We’ll see.  It may end up being a Windows VM on my MacOS system.  Have to check the Windows licensing.

I’ve also installed “nmap”.  Interesting.  The nmap weeb page says that it needs to run under sudo on MacOS.  Seems to do fine. Ah, unless you’re doing something that requires root priv’s such as a “-O”.  Wonder if MacOS honours SUID stuff?

So, this was interesting:

fred$ sudo nmap -v -sV -r -O

Lots of good reading in that!

I was also going to install “istat” as per a recommendation.  But, it costs money.

I need to study the networking interfaces on this thing.


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