Power to the Peoples

Gotta admit this: This thing has an amazing amount of battery.  Once it’s charged, it seems to go on for days.  Well, at least compared to what I’m used to.  Typically, I can use a laptop for maybe 2-3 hours after a full charge.

I’ve managed at least 6 on this.  Very, very cool.  And I have the keyboard lit.  Yup.  All.The.Time.  So nice.

Also, the “instant on” thing is something that keeps surprising me.  I can close the lid and walk away for a while.  When I return, I just open it and keep going (after supplying my password of course, I’m not an animal).

I really like the magsafe stuff.  Very good idea, I don’t know why other companies don’t adopt something like it.  It’s great if you snag the power cable, cuz it just pops out.  It’s easy to connect – just get the connector near and it snaps into place.

There’s only one problem with mine: it seems that the laptop side of the connection is a bit damaged.  By that I mean that 3 out of the 5 pins seem to have scorch marks or carbon or some sort of evidence of an electrical issue.  Take a look below:


I know that it’s a bit outta focus, but I wasn’t going to drag the DSLR out for this.  It looks like 3 out of 5 connectors are charred.  My buddy (who I bought this off of) said that it was like that when he got it.  Of course I believe him and trust him a lot.  So, I’ll just deal with it.

To get the power board replaced shouldn’t cost me more than $200 or so, so I’m not totally worried about it.  Besides the cosmetics, why would I want to get it replaced?  Because it may be causing issues with recharging the awesome battery of course.  Yeah, it seems to run fine with it plugged in and the system knows that it’s plugged in, but for the most part, it doesn’t seem to charge.

“Battery is not charging” seems to be the issue.  Yes, I reset the SVM thingy.  It wasn’t until I started scraping away at the port that things started to work a bit more.  We will see.


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